Current Kids is Regathering!

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Current Kids

A big part of the ocean “way” is the never ending flow of the life giving current. We want our kids to develop their own personal walk with God and have an authentic experience with the Holy Spirit just like an ocean current changes weather, we want our kids to impact their surroundings and not be conformed by them.

Nursery, Toddler and Preschool

The focus for our babies is on safety, health, structure, and happiness. Worship, play, teaching, and crafts are scheduled routinely every week so that children will know what to expect at each time. Parents are invited to come and worship with their children if they like at any time. All, even babies, are assured of Christ’s love for them and how special they are to the Father.


School age kids attend church together in our Current Kid’s Church. Kids encounter a powerful time of prayer and worship. Are engaged in creative life giving teaching and are challenged to grow in their own personal walk with God. Kids will leave church excited about returning the following week.


Beside having CPR trained workers, all workers are background checked.  We utilize closed circuit cameras and other security measures. Rooms and equipment are sanitized on a routine basis and sick babies are not allowed. Pagers are utilized to page parents if children become ill or especially needy. Each child is checked in and given a name tag with a randomized parent pick up number that is given to the parent. After service has started our kid’s space becomes a secure area and only approved volunteers and parents are allowed in the area.

We are excited to worship along side you and your family. Welcome Home!